Original Equipment Thermal Systems

The car manufacturers everyday choose UFI FILTERS

The UFI Filters Group has been present in the world of heat exchangers for the OEM automotive sector since 2010.

In particular, investment in research and innovation has led to specialisation in the design, development and production of water-cooled and vacuum-brazed aluminium heat exchangers which allow a more robust, efficient and clean product to be achieved

UFI Filters currently provides 7 product lines for thermal management.

Heat exchangers for e-axles


State-of-the-art vacuum brazed heat exchangers, to control the temperature of the e-axle transmission oil and to link the e-axle coolant with the rest of the cooling system.

The transmission oil heat exchangers can be mounted on the front or rear e-axle, adding a thermostatic valve if necessary. UFI Filters was able to produce and supply – as Original Equipment – a multi heat exchanger (two pairs of exchangers operating in parallel for the transmission of the all-electric truck mass-produced by Daimler Truck AG).

E-axle module


A variant of the previous solution, it combines the functions of oil filtration, thermal management of the electric engine transmission and oil recirculation all in a single, compact module. Assembled directly on the e-axle, it ensures the best management of the components and a long lifespan for the transmission and electric engine.

Battery chiller


The battery chiller is an essential component of the thermal management system for electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs).
It is a heat exchanger used to cool the battery. It transfers the heat of the battery coolant, using the refrigerant gas of the vehicle’s air conditioning system. It’s used in critical high temperature conditions such as fast charging, or in summer. At UFI, we’ve developed comprehensive expertise in designing, simulating, testing and manufacturing battery chillers for electric and hybrid vehicles, providing a diverse range in terms of thermal management power, as well as various expansion valve technologies.

Coolant battery heater


This new generation of UFI Filters heat exchangers has multiple applications for hybrid and electric vehicles. For example, they can heat the liquid used to keep the battery temperature under control in cold start conditions, or cool it in critical conditions to avoid overheating.
UFI Filters is at the forefront in providing solutions that meet the demand for new technologies as an alternative to the traditional combustion engine.

Coolant flow valves


Coolant flow valves are components used for the thermal management of electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs).
They modify the path of the coolant circuit according to the thermal requisites of the battery, electric engine/e-axle and power electronics.
They can be rotating or solenoid, and have a 3- or 4-way configuration depending on the specific application.

Transmission oil cooler


These UFI Filters heat exchangers are mounted inside modern automatic gearboxes (transmissions) with the function of keeping the oil temperature within the desired values. They can be equipped with a thermostatic valve to heat the oil in the starting phase and cool it during use;  this guarantees a longer duration of the transmission system, reducing the consumption and emissions of the vehicle.

Liquid-cooled condenser


The liquid-cooled condenser is a component of the thermal management system. It can be used on electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), but also on vehicles with an internal combustion engine (ICE).
At UFI, we’ve developed first-class expertise in designing, simulating, testing and producing liquid-cooled condensers for combustion, electric and hybrid vehicles.

Engine oil cooler stand alone


The UFI Filters exchangers mounted directly on the engine, are made on the basis of the specific thermal requirements of each individual engine. They are adjustable in height to be able to respond to the many thermal management requests coming from the different displacements in which a family of motors is currently being developed. UFI Filters exchangers provide superior cooling properties, to effectively reduce the heat load and ensure better performance and longer engine life.

Engine oil cooler on module


This type of exchanger is integrated into the oil module together with the filter and, optionally, to the thermostatic valve and the electronic sensor.

UFI Filters is chosen as a partner by the world’s leading automobile manufacturers as a supplier of complete solutions for lubrication and filtration systems.