Original Equipment Heavy Duty

The car manufacturers everyday choose UFI FILTERS

Heavy vehicle manufacturers must ensure the highest levels of efficiency and safety, particularly for heavy duty vehicles, which travel long distances every day. This is why it is important to be able to rely on top-level suppliers such as UFI Filters, with its complete range. We supply our OE products to manufacturers who represent 50% of the world’s production of trucks and industrial vehicles.

Oil Filters

UFI Filters has marked the history of heavy truck oil filtration with DURAFILTER, which uses a media composed of synthetic microfibres to guarantee extreme performance, with a travel capacity of up to one hundred thousand kilometres. Technological evolution has produced innovative next generation systems. UFI complete Heavy Duty oil filters have three main characteristics:

They are more compact and environmentally friendly, thanks to their high recyclable plastic content
They use next generation filter media in FormulaUFI.StratiFlex, that combine layers of different materials such as synthetic fibres designed to guarantee the maximum protection of the lubrication system, or in FormulaUFI.Cell, that combine cellulose with other synthetic or glass fibres
The aluminium body filters contain new alloys designed to ensure maximum resistance to high pressure
They combine several functions, such as heat exchanger and two-stage thermostatic valve for better thermal management of the lubrication circuit

Fuel Filters

There are four advantages provided by the latest UFI fuel filters for trucks:

They are more advanced, continuously transferring information to the engine control unit (ECU)
They are filtering modules that contain various components in addition to the cartridge
The next generation cartridges are 100% environmentally friendly and able to retain particles even below 4μm
Modern truck fuel systems use a two-stage process: the pre-filter, which separates the water from the diesel, and then the filter that adds a fine filtration function.

FormulaUFI.H2O is the exclusive material used for pre-filters and filters for heavy vehicles, to guarantee a filtering efficiency of up to 99.5% at 4 microns.

UFI Filters develops advanced air filtration systems for the Original Equipment Manufacturers Market. The objective is the optimisation of size and reduction of noise – goals that we can achieve thanks to fluid dynamic studies – tests carried out in our research laboratories that recreate the real conditions of use of the filter itself and the engineering collaboration with our customers.

The UFI Filters filtering systems guarantee:

Constant distribution of air flow in the module;
elimination of water molecules thanks to the centrifugal force produced inside the module;
filtration of the smallest particles which remain trapped in the pre-filter and in the filtration media;
complete, integrated filtration systems with built-in soundproofing systems;
a 100% synthetic filtration media enriched with additives that guarantee filter impermeability and increase the life of the filtering element;
minimum risk of flammability – flame retardant – to ensure greater safety.

Air Filters

Blow-by Filters

The task of Blow-By filters is to filter and recover the oil vapours generated by the engine in the combustion chamber. They play a fundamental role, as they allow the gases to be recovered rather than discharging pollutants such as CO, NOx and PM into the atmosphere.
There are two types of UFI Blow-By filter:

Static panel: these filter the gases using the coalescence principle
Rotating and self-cleaning: these have very compact dimensions, low pressure drop and high filtration efficiency. They are mounted directly on the hollow camshaft or on a high-pressure pump shaft.

The filter media, in FormulaUFI.Micron, is made of synthetic material coupled with glass fibre to withstand the high levels of saturated acidity of the oil vapours.

Filters for Transmissions

The experience of UFI Filters in the production of transmission filters is recognised. There are three advantages offered by our products:

high performance filtering media that allow the optimisation of productivity;
energy savings guaranteed by low pressure drops;
constant efficiency for the whole life of the filter.

Hydraulic division